Services for PhD Students at the University of Leipzig

To provide the best possible conditions for PhD students we offer special conditions to support the advancement of your research.

In support of research and teaching we offer you privileges for borrowing books and items. We offer you the possibilty of longer loan periods, extended check-out limits and the option to borrow books from the non-circulating collection.

To benefit of this extended service, please verify that you are attending a PhD program at Leipzig Univeristy at one of our service desks.

Maximum items a single time: 50 items

Terms of loan periods for PhD students:

Standard loan
(circulating collection)
90 daysRenewal: 6 times online, unless the item is requested by other users
Short-term loan (non-circulating collection)7 daysLoan period according to personal needs

Please note the regulations for renewals and fines.

PhD students of Leipzig University (verification required) with a valid library card can apply for an individual study space. Individual study spaces are assigned for 12 months, it is not possible to extend this period.

A claim cannot be raised. With receiving the key for a locker you accept the terms of use [dt. Schließfachordnung, PDF – 102kB, In German only].



priority given to PhD students in the field of humanities and social sciences
desk, chair, locker, computer with 2 screens, Wi-Fi, LAN

No spaces available at the moment because of the ongoing fire safety works.

Library for Education and Sport Science10desk, chair, locker, computer with 2 screens, Wi-Fi, LAN

Mobile book trolleys

In the Bibliotheca Albertina, mobile book trolleys are available which can be rented by doctoral students of Leipzig University for a period of six months.


You can obtain internet connectivity using (eduroam). Please use your university login to access. If you are off-campus you can connect to the university network if you install a Virtual Private Network Cllient (VPN) to access licensed resources.

Interlibary loan and document delivery free of charge

To support teaching and research you can use interlibary loan to request materials which are not available in any libary in Leipzig. You are also eligible to use our document delivery service, to request articles available in our collection or from another library for quick delivery.

Patron-driven acquisition of printed books

While searching the catalog you find titles that are marked as not currently held by the library. In this case you can recommend a purchase directly from the catalog. We are of course always open to your suggestions. Please allow us two days for your order to be processed. We will inform you about the purchase of the book and when it will be available.

Patron-driven acquisition of e-books: Ebook Central

There is a collection of not yet licensed e-books in our catalog (Ebook Central). These titles may be accessed via short-term loans, costs will be covered by the library. You only need your library number in order to instantly access the resource.


We offer courses designed especially for PhD students in German and English.

Receiving Office for Graduate Thesis

Printed papers can be submitted at the receiving office for graduate thesis locatetd at Bibliotheca Albertina.

Open Access Consultation

We provide advice and information about how texts, articles and papers can be published on Leipzig University's publication server and help you with rights clearance for all publications. Please contact us.

Publication Server

Members of Leipzig University can publish their scientific work open access on Leipzig University's publication server. This applies for original and secondary publishing. More Detail

Administration of the publication fund

Leipzig University provides funding for the publication of academic texts in open access journals. You can find out about how your journal fees can be covered here.