VPN, Wi-Fi

External access to the university network via VPN is reserved exclusively for members of the University of Leipzig. For members of the Faculty of Medicine and the UKL, separate conditions will apply from January 2021.

Students, faculty and staff of Leipzig University and those of other universities can obtain internet connectivity using eduroam (only in case your university or institution is part of the eduroam network. You can check this here: http://www.eduroam.org/).

At Leipzig University Library you will also find several workplaces with connection to LAN, which provides a faster internet connection.

All end devices with which an internet connection is to be established via the university WLAN must be prepared with a connection profile. Information and instructions on this can be found on the website of Leipzig University Data Centre.

LUL provides internet connectivity for wireless devices brought by external library users. To access the network "eduroam" you have to use your library login.

This is how to connect your device:

  • Please change the default password (DDMMYYYY) in your library account
  • Select the network "eduroam"
  • Login:

If you want to connect your Apple device you will need a special software provided by the IT Services of the University. You can download it here.

Please notice: If you once reset you library account it will be necessary to change the default password and to set a new one. You will have to change the password in the settings of your mobile device, too.

You can authentify directly on websites providing resources the library has licensed with your Uni-Login (often described as institutional login) to access the full texts of e-journals, e-books, e-articles). On some pages it is requiered to choose Leipzig University from a list of institutions.

Please note: The instututional login is currently not available for all licensed products.


Using library resources off campus (VPN)

We advise you to install the VPN-client, because it allows unrestrained access to most of Leipzig University Library's licensed electronic resources. WebVPN is quick and easy but there are limitations:

  • Some providers only allow access via VPN-client (e.g. UTB E-Books).
  • Only works in the browser window in which you have been authenticated

How to install the VPN client

Students, staff and faculty of Leipzig University can download the required software from the website of the University's IT Services. To download the software you have to authenticate via webVPN first.


If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Servicedesk of the University´s IT Services.

Please note

For some electronic resources, remote access is barred due to license agreements, namely for beck-online. Visitors may access Leipzig University Library's licensed databases, e-books, and electronic journals at any library computer. Please note that these databases are only available off-campus to members of Leipzig University.