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Specialised Information Service for Media, Communications and Film Studies ""

Since 2014, the Specialised Information Service for Media, Communications and Film Studies (Advanced Delivery of Library Resources for Communication, Media, and Film Studies) has been developed at the Leipzig University Library. provides access to scientific publications and digital resources for academics throughout Germany in the respective field of studies.The main goal of the application dossier for the second funding round is the consolidation of the web portal, as well as the profiling and expansion of the content offered. This applies in particular to further proofs of record for relevant literature and sources as well as to the fast and direct provision of these materials.The following goals are aimed at:

  1. Improvement and optimization of the existing suplly and services
  2. Technical qualification of the portal
  3. Investigation of the integration of primary sources
  4. Public relations and deepened cooperation with the academic community

These goals are to be pursued with regard to sustainable realization and shall be further developed and evaluated during the three-year project phase. As a result of the project, applicable procedures in acquisition and research shall be reached so that a permanent service can be established.