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Using data for tracing the global significance of Japanese gaming culture

Since the 1970s, video games have become an important part of popular culture in many places around the world. As a major source of influence and innovation, Japanese games are crucial to what is gradually turning into a global gaming culture. Relating a broad range of data sources in an interactive infrastructure, this project aims to visualize, analyze and trace the complex global migration process of Japanese video games and the significance and meanings ascribed to them by various actors.

In order to do so, the project develops a technical infrastructure capable of semantically relating diverse data sources and evaluating them with respect to specific research questions. The project will establish best practice solutions enabling researchers working on Japanese video games to query effectively the available data interactively, according to specific research questions concerning the dissemination, migration and reception of Japanese video games. It implements easy-to-use frontends for intuitive, flexible access to the infrastructure.