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Open Access Publishing Fund

The Open Access Publishing Fund of Leipzig University supports authors paying article processing charges in open access journals.

The Fund has received funding from the DFG 2014-2019.

Criteria of support

Criteria to qualify for support from the open access publishing fund:

  1. The submitting author responsible for the payment of article processing charges must be affiliated with Leipzig University.
  2. The journal of choice publishes all articles open access immediately. Open access options for single articles in subscription journals do not qualify for support.
  3. Article processing charges can be covered up to 2,000 € per article (19 % VAT included). Partial support of article costs exceeding this limit will be possible.
  4. The journal complies with the accepted scientific standards of the respective field of research. Commentaries are generally not supported.
  5. Authors publishing results from third-party funded projects are obliged to verify that there are no dedicated means available for publication within those funds. In cases where funding is available, but does not suffice, the difference can be paid from the publication fund.

Please do not forget to mention support from the fund, e.g. "The author(s) acknowledge support from Leipzig University for Open Access Publishing" or "Dieser Artikel wurde durch den Publikationsfonds der Universität Leipzig gefördert."

printable version (PDF – 150 kB):

If you plan on publishing results from BMBF or EU funded research, please check first if you qualify for support from the respective post grant funds for open access:

BMBF Post-Grant-Fund:

  •  covers article charges up to 2,400 €
  •  hybrid open access included
  •  eliglible up to 36 month post funding period

Official Announcement (German only). 

FP7 post-grant Open Access publishing pilot

  • covers article charges up to 2,000 €
  • up to three publications per EU-grant
  • application deadline will be February 28, 2018

More information on the OpenAire webpages.

Please carefully read our criteria of support and apply using our web form

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any further questions. 

To ensure the scientific quality of the open access support at Leipzig University, the open access publishing fund is attended by representatives of the rectors office. Scientists are supporting the open access office in edge cases and  are reviewing the supported journals on a yearly basis.

The representatives of the rectors office responsible for the open access publishing fund:

  • Prof. Michael Schaefer (Rudolf-Böhm-Institute of Pharmacology)
  • Prof. Marius Grundmann (Institute of Experimental Physics II)
  • Prof. Christian Wilhelm (Institute of Biology)

Regarding the quality of open access journals please also take a look at further information about open access journals.

Leipzig University established agreements or special conditions with the following publishers for pure open access journals:

AAAS – Science Advances

Under the current licence for AAAS Journals authors can claim a 15 % discount for author processing charges in Science Advances. Please note that charges for articles in Sciences Advances cannot be covered by the Open Access Publication Fund due the price limit of the fund.

Please claim the discount during the submission process as affiliation discount.

BioMed Central

A prepay account with BioMed Central is in place since 2015 to allow central invoicing of APCs in all BioMed Central Journals at a 20 % discounted price. This account is financed by the DFG-supported open access publishing fund of Leipzig University. The costs can be covered from the publishing fund, if all criteria for support are met and according to the funding conditions. You can profit form the 20 % discount also if you do not meet the funding criteria and want to pay the APC from another source. Please contact the Open Access Office for further details.

During the submission process with BioMed Central, authors will be asked for a code in order to authenticate as affiliates of Leipzig University. You will receive this code after applying to the publishing fund through the online form (see above).

Frontiers Media S.A. 

Since February 2016 a Central Invoicing Arrangement is in place with the publisher Frontiers Media S.A., that allows for monthly central invoicing of APCs in Frontiers Journals. The costs can be covered from the publishing fund, if all criteria for support are met and according to the funding conditions. Please note, that several Frontiers Journals exceed the funding cap of 2,000 € and the authors will be responsible for the payment of these APCs.


Under a current licence agreement with Karger authors obtain a 50 % discount on article processing charges in the publishers open access journals.


Since February 15, 2016 a central payment agreement is active with the open access publisher MDPI AG. APCs for articles in all MDPI-Journals submitted after February 21, 2018 will be discounted by 25 % for authors of Leipzig University and invoiced to the library. The costs can be covered from the publishing fund, if all criteria for support are met and according to the funding conditions.

PLOS – Public Library of Science

Starting March 1, 2016 an institutional account is established with the open access publisher Public Library of Science (PLOS). APCs for articles in the Journal PLOS ONE will be accumulated and invoiced monthly to the Library. The costs can be covered from the publishing fund, if all criteria for support are met and according to the funding conditions.


In 2019 a 20 % discount is valid for all SAGE gold open access journals. Corrensponding authors from Leipzig University can claim the discount after acceptance of their article by submitting the following code during the payment process: DFG2019OA.


Starting September 2018 a central paymenat agreement is active with Wiley for the publishers fully Open Access Journals. Authors from Leipzig University will receive a discount of 15%. The agreement covers all journals with a net APC up to 1,680 €. The costs can be covered from the publishing fund, if all criteria for support are met and according to the funding conditions.

The following conditions and agreements are in place with publishers for open access articles in hybrid/closed access journals:

IoP - Institute of Physics

For publications with IoP an offsetting agreement is in place that includes five vouchers for open access publications in closed access IoP journals. Authors will be informed during article submission.

RSC – Royal Society of Chemistry

Leipzig University Library signed a Read&Publish Agreement effective 2019 that allows open access publishing at no extra cost for corresponding authors from Leipzig University whose articles in RSC journals are accepted for publication between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.

Wiley (DEAL)

Leipzig University Library is participating in the DEAL contract effective since January 2019. Apart from permanent access to most of the journal content published since 1997, authors form Leipzig University will be able to publish their articles accepted for publication after July 1, 2019 open access at no additional cost in almost any Wiley journal.

A list of all supported articles can be accessed via our catalog.

We also support the appeal for disclosure of open access fees of the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany and participate in the Open APC project to make the information on all payments publicly available. 

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