Promotion of Open Access projects independent of publishers – PublikationsfondsPLUS

The PublikationsfondsPLUS of the University of Leipzig supports you in the implementation of high-quality and sustainable Open Access (OA) projects.
In principle, there are no restrictions on the formats of the OA publications supported. For example, support can be provided for the founding of new OA journals or the transformation of previously subscription-based journals to Open Access, the publication of monographic series or conference proceedings, and much more. Funding by the PublikatzionsFondsPLUS explicitly includes support for the professionalization of existing OA projects at UL.
The Open Science Office of the University of Leipzig will be happy to advise you on the application process and on your project plans.

Publications must be immediately and unrestrictedly accessible (Open Access).publications must be provided with stable identifiers (e.g. URN, DOI, Handle) in order to enable long-term citation and feeding into verification systems.publications must be provided with (machine-readable) licenses for subsequent use.the scientific quality of the project as well as its scope in terms of internationalization, importance for the subject, cooperation must be proven.

Please send your application to the Open Science Office. It should be not more than two pages long and contain the following points:

  • Presentation of the project idea
  • Comments on the sustainability of the project (personnel, structure, data management, verification)
  • Information on the quality assurance of the subject area
  • Comments on the scope of the project in terms of internationalization, significance for the subject, cooperation
  • Financial and task planning
  • Information on the person responsible for the project, contact details of the contact persons

Assessment of proposals will take place quarterly by the representativs of the rectors office for the quality assurance of the open access support at Leipzig University: 

  • Professor Marian Burchardt (Institute of Sociology and Centre for Area Studies)
  • Prof. Barbara Drinck (Institute of Educational Sciences)
  • Prof. Gereon Müller (Institute of Linguistics)

Supported Projects 2016

  • Relaunch and Extension of the web pages of Gender Glossar
    Applicants: Barbara Drinck, Ilse Nagelschmidt, Heinz-Jürgen Voss (Editors of GenderGlossar)
  • Launch auf reVisions, a multilingual Open Access Platform for Discussions on Culture in East Asia and Beyond
    Applicant: Martin Roth (Japanese Studies)
  • Support for a special open access edition of the journal MATCH for the "Mathematics in Chemistry Meeting" 2016 in Leipzig, published by Prirodno-Matematički Fakultet/Univerzitet u Novom Sad, Serbia 
    Applicant: Peter Stadler (Bioinformatics)

Supported Projects 2019