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Prerequisite is a doctorate with supervision at the University of Leipzig (proof via the doctoral list). Places are currently only available in the Library of Education and Sports Science.

We allocate places for specified periods of use. (Different arrangements among each other are possible, of course.)

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Leipzig University Library, in cooperation with the URZ, supports blind and visually impaired students and staff of the Leipzig University by research, procurement and providing accessible literature. Please send us requests for publications using this web form. If the required literature is not yet available, the assignment will be forwarded to the implementation service of the URZ. If you have any futher questions or enquiries, please contact at emedien@ub.uni-leipzig.de or call us on +49 341 97 30668.

Because of the pandemic situation at our library, we cannot guarantee that the following courses can be held. Some of the courses may be held online. When our library is open and operations normal, courses will be held. Please check the home page of the university library for up-to-date information.